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Why We Call Ourselves "Pax"

Updated: Mar 7, 2020

Working over many years as a sustainability professional, I have come to see that the end-game this work advances leads to people and our institutions moving towards being in a balanced and peaceful relationship with our natural environment and each other. Pax is the Roman goddess of peace. Pax Consulting represents working to move our world to more peaceful relationships by a woman-led business. As we are emerging, this means working in collaboration with other professionals who form teams with us based on the needs of each client. Over time, as we grow, it means giving employees ownership in the business so they share in the benefits of our success and become personally invested in its success. It means seeing ourselves, our clients, and the communities we work in, as a collection of people who are human, with all the complexities and wonder that each individual brings to the interactions we have, and leveraging the unique opportunities that brings to the work

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