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Pax Consulting is a woman-owned business that works with organizations to become more sustainable by reducing their greenhouse gas emissions and  to be more resilient to the effects of climate change using a social-equity focus to improve the quality of life for everyone.  We do this by weaving the needs of the environment, society, and the economy into strategic solutions with multiple co-benefits.


Headshot KEM 10-13-20 SQ.jpg
Kat Mortimer
Founder and Principal
  • 35 years working in the environmental and sustainability planning field

  • Bachelor of Architecture from California College of the Arts

  • Masters of Environmental Planning from University Of California, Berkeley

  • Former Sustainability Officer for City of Santa Fe, NM

Bob Bruen
Account Manager
  • Former contracting business owner

  • Bachelor of English Literature and Social Anthropology from Western Washington University

  • Professional mandolin player and teacher


Pax Consulting collaborates with other consulting companies in order to provide a complete range of expertise.  Each team is created to meet the needs of each client on a job-by-job basis.  As those collaborations are formalized they will be featured here.  Check back to see as this space fills up!

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