Social Equity

Creating Healthier, Safer Communities

Social equity ensures unbiased public policy that recognizes inherent privilege due to race or other group identification.  It ensures all voices and perspectives are included to attain policy that best achieves the collective goals of the community. Once accomplished it increases opportunities, reduces anti-social behaviors, improves public health and reduces crime for a happier, more resilient community.

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  • Authentic Engagement & Empowerment
  • Diverse Representation
  • Institutional Accountability
  • Recognition of Privilege
  • Equity vs. Equality
  • Distribute the Benefits of Solutions
  • When Designing Solutions Start with Those with the Greatest Need
  • Unburden Future Generations
  • Seek Regenerative Solutions
  • Leave the World a Better Place Than You Found It

How the five step reiterative process is used to increase social equity in the community

Document Progress
Towards Goals
Map of Power Dynamics in the Community
Partner with Organizations and Individuals from Under-served Community
Implement Chosen
Strategy & Metrics
Compare with Mitigation and Resilience Goals  & Choose Path