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Sustainability Leads to Abundance

When we first started working in earnest to address climate change, the concept of "reducing our greenhouse gas footprints" naturally seemed to equate to "doing with less" and a sense of scarcity. However, as I have worked in this profession, I've come to see a different future, one of abundance of the things that make us happy. The solutions to climate change are creating new jobs in clean energy, water conservation, and innovative transportation systems. Additionally, they result in community-building by creating spaces and activities where people interact. Those things include pedestrian and bike infrastructure, shared amenities like parks, pools, and other recreational facilities where we can get to know our neighbors. Centering solutions that address the needs of the people with the greatest need reduces stress by addressing the needs of marginalized people. This results in co-benefits such as reducing poverty and associated crime which make our communities safer; moving our bodies more which improves public health; and interacting with each other ore which reduces loneliness and stress. These in turn improve public health and and reduce healthcare costs. Other reduced costs include, for example, lower transportation costs of electric vehicles, improved public transportation and easier use of walking and biking. Pax Consulting focuses climate change solution-development on those that have the greatest co-benefits for the greatest overall return on investments.

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